About Us

QuoteActions is an email-based marketing tool developed by Rick Itzkowich, the Co-Founder and former Vice President of San Clemente-based Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC (PL&L).

As a natural progression to marketing the PL&L courses to the company’s target market, Rick found that direct selling was not as effective as “being in the right place at the right time” marketing. Understanding that only 3% of the people are ready to buy from you at any one moment in time, he knew he needed a way to stay in front of his current clients (for repeat business) as well as new prospects. It was natural for him to combine his own love of quotations with the experiential aspects of PL&L courses.  Since many people already subscribed to daily quotes over the Internet, why not take the concept and add the important “action” item to bring the quote to life.  Through QuoteActions he could help his clients stay on “top of their game” for their personal and professional lives – and PL&L would be “top of mind” for them when they were ready for another course or learning vacation.

During the QuoteActions’ product development phase, Rick knew the system would need to be automated, using either a telecom and/or web-based email delivery system. To make it cost effective it would have to be turnkey and maintenance free. In 2006 PL&L formally began sending QuoteActions to their own clients and prospects via the phone. As technology advanced so did QuoteActions—email delivery by far was the best business model. PL&L clients raved about the product, and they soon began to ask if they could send to their customers and prospects. With that QuoteActions was offered to the general marketplace—recognized as a success in just a few short years.

In addition, as a 14-year member of BNI-Business Network Int’l, Rick and his staff nurtured an strategic alliance relationship with BNI and Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chairman of the largest networking organization in the world. When Dr. Misner endorsed QuoteActions with the following statement, “Sending the gift of a simple, positive message accompanied by a motivational action is not only easy and affordable, it’s a great reflection of the Givers Gain® philosophy.” The team at PL&L knew–yes indeed, QuoteActions is a viable and powerful stay-in-touch marketing tool for businesses of all ages, types and sizes.

The best part of QuoteActions is that the developer, Rick Itzkowich, is personable and approachable. Send him an email at rick@rickitzkowich.com with your comments, questions and feedback!